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April 18

Keeping Seniors Active

Exercising the mind and body is essential for people of any age, not just seniors. Physical exercise benefits the heart, muscles and improves flexibility. It also helps elevate mood. New experiences, making friends and social connection and diverse activities also helps the mind. It helps improve cognitive function, which positively affects memory, concentration, and many other benefits like better sleep and increased energy levels.

Being "bored" has been shown to have a detrimental effect on overall health for seniors. Boredom can make people lethargic and depressed. Being mentally and physically active can be the very best way to reverse a sedentary lifestyle and become engaged emotionally and recharged physically.

Research has shown strong connections between cognitive and physical health and the aging process. But even common sense indicates that people of any age are in a better state of health when physically, socially, and mentally active.

So, what does an active lifestyle for seniors look like? What kinds of activities do we offer, and how do they align with our plan to help our residents stay active with their minds and body? Let's take a look:

Socialization and Mindfulness. Social connections are so meaningful as we age. Maintaining a sense of belonging positively impacts health and quality of life. For this reason, when it comes to keeping minds busy, we love to offer choices that appeal to all different types. For example, we love crafting. Making a beautiful object or painting a picture can be inspiring and a lot of fun! We have a men's breakfast group where the gentlemen can sit and enjoy each other's company while discussing exciting topics of the day. The knitting club is always busy, and even if you're just a beginner, it's never too late to learn. The garden club is a beautiful way to relax, get some fresh air, and enjoy nature. We maximize our beautiful grounds and take great pride and care of our plants and flowers! We also love a good game of trivia.

Staying Active. Physical activity has been shown to slow the process of mental decline. Blood flow throughout the body encourages cell growth! This is why we offer daily exercise classes. Residents can take classes at their own pace, and they're designed for a variety of mobility levels. Classes are aimed at helping improve overall health and balance. But we don't stop there! We have biking tours – that's right – tours with stationary bikes. We peddle virtually through places around the world, like Portugal. It's a great way to move, see some scenery, and socialize at the same time.

Excursions. Our location makes us easily accessible to many local destinations. Just steps away from transit, even an afternoon visit to a coffee shop or a morning at the library is a way to see new sights and faces. But not all excursions mean packing a bag. We can bring the tastes of other cultures to our residents. Like spending a week on a virtual cruise ship or enjoying the sounds of Frank Sinatra while we deliver wine on our bar carts! Take part in one of our unique theme days, like Cinco de Mayo, enjoy all things Mexican, from culture to crafts, tasting tequila, or learning to make guacamole in an authentic Mexican Molcajete!

At Weston Gardens, we aim to help enhance the lives of our residents with programs designed to keep them fit and strong in body, mind and spirit. Come by for a visit and see for yourself how our community keeps everyone engaged. We love visitors!

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